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Vue 3 AdvancedVue Mastery
Vue 3 IntermediateVue Mastery
Vue 3 BeginnerVue Mastery
MTA 98-367 Security FundamentalsMicrosoft
C# Course - Generic TypesStrefa Kursów
TypeScript CourseStrefa Kursów
Vue.js Course - AdvancedStrefa Kursów
Vue.js Course - BeginnerStrefa Kursów
MTA 98-361 Software Development FundamentalsMicrosoft
MTA 98-366 Networking FundamentalsMicrosoft
MTA 98-364 Database FundamentalsMicrosoft
ASP.Net Core - Building an ApplicationsStrefa Kursów
C# course - programming in LINQStrefa Kursów
Foundations of programming in C#Strefa Kursów
Intel Scholarship Alumni
Intel Scholarship Alumni06.2023Intel Scholarship Alumni through the program develop knowledge and skills related to the ICT world and create strategy for building future careers. Thanks to that Alumni are aware of their talents and thus increases their confidence and motivation to achieve goals. In addition to that they enriched their knowledge in the area of new technologies, innovations, processes and tools.
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